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シェフサラダ/Chef Salad


By Tennessee Jonathan

A chef-salad is easy to make.

It’s healthy and it can be a whole meal.

Ingredients I like:

 ・I choose ice-burg lettuce



 ・Sharp cheddar cheese

 ・Black olives

 ・Red Onion and Green Onion

 ・Boiled egg



I like red-wine vinegar for my dressing.

But it would be anyone’s choice.

It’s a big bowl and with all those ingredients.

You can see why it’s a whole meal.

Here’s my style for shredding cheese.

Number one, I don’t use a box shredder. They are a pain to clean.

They also are hard to get good shreds from.

What I use is a hand-held flat shredder.

The big tip here is, don’t move the block of cheese over the shredder.

Place the block of cheese on the board and drag the shredder over the cheese.

Trust me, it’s a great way to do it.

I had ham left over from New Years that I had deboned.

We used the bone and fat for a stock which I’ll get to later.

But a package of deli-meat cut up is perfectly fine.

Finished salad with garlic toast!

Notice I did the full slice of bacon. My wife did hers in crumble style.

Meaning, everyone can build their salad the way they want!

Thanks for joining me today!!

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